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Paradise's Great Danes Past Winners

American CH. Seymour of Rudane,C.D


AMERICAN CH. SEYMOUR OF RUDANE, C D (Earl-Eimter vom Kochertal X Ch. Roxanne’s Rose of Rudane) 12-26-66
Seymour came to us from a broken home at the age of 14 months in February of 1968.  He was in a stressed situation and so we decided to take him to obedience so that he knew how to cope with the change in his life.  We started showing him in conformation and after a while he started to take some points.  He took his first major going Best Of Winners at the Great Dane Club of California under the strongest of competition owner handled.  The entries were huge in those days and he beat a total entry of 198 Great Danes. He achieved his Championship and Companion Dog degree on the same day.  He was a fabulous dog and also appeared on stage in the San Francisco Ballet Company’s rendition of Swan Lake.

American CH. Tallbrook's Vicki of Paradise


AMERICAN CH. TALLBROOK’S VICKI OF PARADISE (Ch. Abner Lowell Davis X Ch. Brenda Von Overcup) 4-6-70
Vicki was a beautiful brindle and received her Championship by winning Best of Winners at the Great Dane Club of California and the Great Dane Club of Arizona under stiff competition owner handled.  She produced our first home bred Champion; Ch. Paradise’s Desiree.

American CH. Paradise's Desiree


AMERICAN CH. PARADISE’S DESIREE (Ch. Tallbrook’s Akamai of Alii X Ch. Tallbrook’s Vicki of Paradise) 4-24-74
Desiree was our first home bred Champion.  She was born in 1974 and finished her Championship very quickly.  She was campaigned and achieved many Best of Breeds and in 1978 was the #2 Bitch and #5 Great Dane.  She achieved many Group wins and placements when the Working Group and the Herding Groups were together, again always owner handled.

American CH. Paradise's Irish Mist

irish mist

AMERICAN CH. PARADISE’S IRISH MIST (Paradise’s Eye Opener X Paradise’s Bridget Bardot) 4-3-78
Izzy was a beautiful brindle bitch who finished quickly in stiff California competition and was a great producer in the whelping box. Izzy produced 4 champions.

American CH. Paradise's Juliet


AMERICAN CH. PARADISE’S JULIET (Ch. Lorinda’s Vice Admiral X Ch. Paradise’s Desiree) 2-17-79
Julie was a lovely fawn bitch.  She finished her championship by going Best of Winners at the Great Dane Club of California owner handled.  She was able to retire 7 trophies by going Best of Winners for the third time.  The first two winners were Ch Seymour of Rudane and her grandmother Ch Tallbrook’s Vicki of Paradise.  She was campaigned for a short time winning several Best of Breeds and several group placements.  She retired early so she could be bred but unfortunately she never had a live litter.

American CH. Paradise's Kalbern of Aldawn


AMERICAN CH. PARADISE’S KALBERN OF ALDAWN (Paradise’s Justin Thyme X Ch. Paradise’s Irish Mist) 10-11-78
Kally was a beautiful brindle bitch owned by Kim Cross.  She ably handled by Kim and Diane, our daughter, to her championship.

American CH. Paradise's Keepsake


AMERICAN CH. PARADISE’S KEEPSAKE (Paradise’s Justin Thyme X Ch. Paradise’s Irish Mist) 10-11-80
Kizzie was a small brindle bitch but had a lot of spirit.  She injured her foot just before she completed her championship.  She had two of her toes on her front foot just about torn off.  The vet who stitched her up said he didn’t know if the whole foot could be saved but he tried.  After a few months of mending she came back to take Winner's Bitch at the Great Dane Club of Northern California for her last major to finish.  The judge stated that he loved the way she moved.

American CH. Paradise's Limited Edition


AMERICAN CH. PARADISE’S LIMITED EDITION (Ch. Temple Dell’s Odin of Branstock X Ch. Paradise’s Irish Mist) 1-1-82
Ted was a beautiful brindle dog and was a love to live with.  He was a handsome dog and thought he was in charge of his harem of girls at home.

American CH. Paradise's Irish Lace

irish lace

AMERICAN CH. PARADISE’S IRISH LACE (Ch. Temple Dell’s Odin of Branstock X Ch. Paradise’s Irish Mist.) 1-1-82
Lacy was a beautiful brindle bitch and finished quickly.  She was shown sparingly after she finished and received a Best of Opposite Sex at the Willamette Valley Great Dane Club Specialty.

American CH. Paradise's Megan


AMERICAN CH. PARADISE’S MEGAN (Paradise’s K. Thaddeus Murphy x Paradise’s Ms. Jayne L.) 3-21-84
Megan was a beautiful fawn bitch.  She finished by going Best of Winners at the Great Dane Club of Northern California.  She took many Best of Breeds before she was retired.

Canadian CH. Paradise's No nonsense V Aldawn


CANADIAN CH. PARADISE’S NO NONSENSE V ALDAWN (Paradise’s Mulligan Stew x Ch. Paradise’s Keepsake) 8-14-85After Prudence finished her Canadian Championship she decided that she didn’t like the show ring so she decided to enter the whelping box and produced several champions.

American CH. Paradise's One and only

one and only

AMERICAN CH. PARADISE’S ONE AND ONLY (Paradise’s Irish Brew x Ch. Paradise’s Megan) 11-25-87 Pippers was a beautiful fawn and finished her championship quickly with a Best of Breed from the classes. 

American CH. Aldawn's the Boss of Paradise

the boss

AMERICAN CH. ALDAWN’S THE BOSS OF PARADISE (Ch. Daneaura’s Lone Star x Can. Ch. Paradise’s No Nonsense V Aldawn 10-19-87
Bubba was a handsome fawn that we took as pick of the litter as the co-breeder of the litter. He achieved his championship by taking points from the puppy classes and finished at 16 months.  He had several Best of Breeds and Group placements.  He unfortunately had complications from a fox tail and died at the early age of two years.

American CH. Aldawn's Been Star Kissed

star kissed

AMERICAN CH. ALDAWN’S BEEN STAR KISSED (Ch. Daneaura’s Lone Star x Can. Ch. Paradise’s No Nonsense v Aldawn) 10-19-87
Star was a beautiful fawn that finished her championship very quickly.  She was owned by Kim Cross and co-bred with Kim and Paradise Great Danes.

American CH. Paradise's Rough and Ready

rough and ready

B.I.S.S.  AMERICAN CH. PARADISE’S ROUGH AND READY (Paradise’s QB Joe Montana x Paradise’s Pardon by Dust) 7-7-93
Rowdy was a handsome fawn that finished quickly.  He achieved many breeds and group placements. He took two Best of Specialties. One of them was at the Great Dane Club of Northern California and the other was at the Great Dane Club of California. He was a beautiful mover and also loved to do lure coursing. He was ranked at #22 when he was retired.

American CH. Paradise's Talk of the Town

talk of the town

B.I.S.S AMERICAN. CH. PARADISE’S TALK OF THE TOWN (Servadei Electa Kahnsonofthor X Paradise’s Pardon My Dust) 4-28-95
Gabby was a beautiful fawn that finished quickly and took over 30 Best of Breeds in her career.  She also took a Best of Breed at 71/2 years from the veteran class and was pulled in the group.  She was from a litter of one and thought she was the only bitch in the world.  She loved to show and did it very well.

American CH. Sir Lucas George

lucas george

AMERICAN CHAMPION SIR LUCAS GEORGE (Ch. Paradise’s Rough and Ready X Phoenix Place’s Jessica Lee) 8-15-97
Luke was a dog that we as owner of the stud dog had returned to us because the owners did not feel that they could take the time with him that they felt he needed.  He was a dog with a great personality.  We decided to show him even though he was natural eared.  His ears were not his best asset as they were fly-away.  Even though he had this handicap he finished quickly and was moved up and took two best of breeds before he was retired.

American International CH. Paradise's U Lil Devil U

you devil

AMERICAN. & INT. CHAMPION PARADISE’S U LIL DEVIL U (Servadei Electa Kahnsonofthor X Paradise’s Smooth Talk’n Gal) 4-25-98 D. D.  was a wonderful bitch who loved to show and had a lot of fun in the ring.  The crowd would always watch to see what she would do next.  She took many Best of Breeds and was loved by all with her great personality

American International CH. Paradise's Prime Vintage

prim vintage

 AMERICAN. & INT. CHAMPION PARADISE’S PRIME VINTAGE (Ch. MacLeod’s Cannoneer V Saga X Ch. Paradise’s Talk Of The Town) 5-12-2000
Vinnie was a great dog who was so spoiled that he decided that he didn’t have to like showing.  He finished his championship but was not shown as a special because he looked bored.

American International CH. Paradise's Vulcan of Macleod


AMERICAN. & INT. CHAMPION PARADISE’S VULCAN V MACLEOD (Ch. Macleod’s Cannoneer V Saga X Ch. Paradise’s Talk Of The Town) 5-12-2000
Spock was a man’s dog.  He thought he was the greatest dog in the world.  He finished his championship the day after Vinnie finished.  He was shown in the Bred-by-Exhibitor class and received a Best Bred By in Show.  He loved to show unlike his brother. 

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